A Review about Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 Air Compressor

By | December 11, 2014


Before actually purchasing FP209499, I read too many reviews (both positive and negative) regarding this product to fully understand its pros and cons. After going through the negative reviews, I had several doubts in my mind regarding its performance but on the other hand positive reviews were compelling me to go for it. After a lot of brainstorming, I finally decided to buy this product. After using it for several months, now I decided to write a review about FP209499 and share my experience with you.

An Overview of FP209499 Air Compressor

Let me present an overview of various features associated with FP209499 air compressor so that you can better judge the capabilities and shortcomings of this machine.

Reliable And Durable: Till now, I have no problem/issues with this product and it is still giving terrific performance. Too many people are complaining about the leaks problem associated with it but till now I haven’t observed such an issue at all. Not even once, I encountered this problem with FP209499.

Charging: Doesn’t take much time to charge and I personally experienced that if it’s empty then it goes to 110 psi in just six minutes. All you need to do is to enjoy a cup of coffee and it will be recharged when you’ll take the last sip from your cup.

Noise Issue: A few negative reviews are emphasizing a lot on its loudness, yes, I admit it is loud and its sound sometimes causes a bit of disturbance but it’s not too disturbing at all and if you are playing the music at a little high volume, then you can even enjoy the music while this machine is on. Not much bothering for sure.

Weight: One thing I really like about it is its lighter weight. You can easily move it from one place to another as per your work requirement because its low weight makes it very easy to be relocated.

Effectiveness: It is proved to be highly effective in terms of performing various tasks. I mostly used for several tasks related to nail gun and I always got extra ordinary performance from this little machine. I can’t say with full confidence how efficient it will be if incorporated for big tasks, but surely, for small or even intermediate level tasks, this machine is fantastic.

Checklist of Pros and Cons of FP209499 Air Compressor


  • No leakage problem
  • Lighter in weight
  • Good shape
  • Pleasant blue color
  • Not much loud
  • Best suited for small or medium level tasks
  • Ideal for various home tasks
  • Works terrifically with nail gun
  • Durable
  • Less time to charge


  • A bit loud
  • Not recommended for bigger tasks

Customer Opinion Regarding FP209499 Air Compressor

It is necessary to read as many related reviews as possible to have an exact idea about the efficiency and performance of a product and when you read various reviews regarding this particular product, then you’ll find a mixture of negative and positive reviews and you need to study both type of reviews to make a better and more perfect decision. The feedback score is often considered as the most reliable factor to judge the capabilities of a product and if you look at the feedback score of FP209499 air compressor, you can see that its feedback score is 3.3 out of 5 and it’s evident that FP209499 is not a highly recommended product especially if you need to use it on large scale or for professional purposes.


I will highly recommend this product for small and medium level tasks based on my personal experience with this machine. Never tried it with big assignments, therefore can’t recommend it for huge projects/tasks.